I feel deeply rooted...

Can you identify with this feeling? For me, this is affirmed after a lengthy yoga practice when 'thinking' has receded and breathe synchronized with movement, predominates. I am grounded and secure and I know where my feet are because they have supported me throughout most of the practice as I moved through asanas or the series of postures. Yoga practice has been an essential part of my life for almost two decades but familiarity with the chakras, the seven major energy centers of the subtle body began to blossom as I studied aromatherapy and learned how our olfactory sense has the power to recall a memory or feeling from a past experience; how a memory can become embedded in either our physical body or our 'psychic' body. Memories can evoke pleasant and welcoming feelings and we will respond favorably or they can be traumatic and provoke tension and discomfort and effect our emotional balance. Essential oils can become our allies, perhaps loosening a block and helping to liberate what may inhibit the movement of energy that prevents us from being in harmony with an aspect of our being.

Starting, so to speak, from the 'ground' of our being, just as a tree's roots reach downward into the earth for support. 'Feeling deeply rooted' is also related to the opening and receptivity of the first chakra, a word in Sanskrit which means 'a wheel or disc or any arrangement in circular form'. The word chakra also implies movement, the movement of energy within the body and Muladhara (mul-base, adhara-support) is the first of the seven major chakras.

Although the chakras are subtle they have a relationship with the material field of the body and its functions and have a physical location in the body, an associate element, a color and shape element, a predominant sense and sense organ, and an aspect and identifying trait. These particular characteristics are reference points that have a relatedness to the qualities of particular essential oils and can be helpful when choosing an oil.

Muladhara Chakra is located generally at the base of the spine, the first three vertebrae. Energetically it's associated with the earth element, the color red, the shape of a square, the sense of smell, the sense organ is the nose, the aspect is security/stability and is identified with the physical plane.

Knowledge of the chakras is ancient in origin and is defined as 'psychic centers of transformation that enable one to move toward an enlightened state of being.' We are organic beings- like the trees we can penetrate the earth energetically pushing energy into matter, and like the roots of plants and trees, draw nutrient energy from the earth. Oils distilled from tree parts, such as Sandalwood (Santalum album) can be supportive. Sandalwood blended with a carrier oil, such as jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) and dispensed in a roller bottle can be applied to your palms and gently rubbed and inhaled prior to taking your seat in meditation. It has a purifying and grounding effect.

The vibration of each of the seven chakras relates to a particular area of human experience, from our basic physical survival (the first chakra) to our highest aspirations (the seventh chakra). Every living thing vibrates with energy, from the tiniest organism to the vibrational energy of the cosmos. Each plant and the oils distilled or released from the plant vibrates with its own vital energy. The molecular weight and chemical composition contributes to the character of the essential oil and these characteristics can be helpful when choosing an oil that effect chakra energy. Oils with molecular weight strengthen the base or root chakra and are valuable for people who tend to 'live in their heads'. Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin), with its long lasting, earthy aroma is very grounding in effect, as a solitary oil or blended with sandalwood in a base of jojoba and dispensed in a roller bottle, can be applied to wrists and worn as a perfume, its fragrance lingering.

Aromatics Formulary blends with oils responsibly sourced from distillers and producers who value integrity and sustainability.

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